True Green Diesel Engine Emissions, Lower Costs

Our Mission is to deliver an exceptional game-changing, non-disruptive disruption to the current diesel engine technology.
That is to make available diesel engine technology and hybrid diesel power plants to our customers without requiring any modification to existing processes, infrastructures or environments.

Our engine design configuration and packing is purposefully engineered for niche non-automotive markets, as it became clear very early during our extensive market research that no automotive OEM worldwide would ever purchase an engine from an outside supplier. This was and still is a huge mistake made by our competitors – they have no sales and have not been able to ramp up and scale up!!

The target markets are Marine, Aviation, Medium-Heavy Duty Cycle trucks, Power Generator, and Non-Automotive markets.

Gryphon Diesel Engines wants to offer “near-zero” emissions and super lightweight high performance diesel engines with fuel savings up to 80% depending on the application. With a power-to-weight ratio not to exceed 2.5:1 (0.40 lb/hp) and Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) up to 0.20 lb/hp/hr.

Most systems and alloys employed have been extensively tested with success. This process eliminates all development risks making this a market-pull technology.